Thursday, 3 January 2019

Install Jio's Tower and earn millions of dollars, learn how

Reliance Jio entered the Indian market in 2016. Today, the company is celebrating its success. Geo has introduced many other services as well as providing cheap data to its users. The company's feature phone is also performing well on the market. Now the company is giving people an opportunity to earn extra money in the country.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

5G SIM will be launched in India, get free for 1 year

Reliance Jio is going to launch 5G SIM soon. This is going on for testing from the company. According to the report, the price of this SIM starting at 20 is Rs. All users, including Unlimited Calling, 5G High Speed, will be offered free of charge for 3 months. If the report believes this SIM will be launched next year.

But it is also known that Mobil, a company called, can launch 5G SIM, which will hit Geo. Mobil is a foreign company, which can launch 5G SIM next year. Mobil Company has claimed that it will be available free of cost for all the facilities including calling, data and messaging for one year on this sim. This SIM network will be even better than other SIM companies.

It is said that the speed of 5G will be 15x more than 4G speed and users will be given 2.5 GBPS speed data. This is a feeling of joy in Geo users. It is worth mentioning that when Geo launched the 4G service in 2016, it was given freebies for three months for its users.

Mobile number portability is easy, Trai is the new rule that you need to know

If you are troubled by your existing mobile company and want to change your number to any other company, it is a good news for you. Telecom Regulator Trai has made the entire process of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) easier. The telecom regulator has decided to resolve the change of number within the service area within two days.

When, from one telecom circle to another, a 4-day time has been fixed for the number change request. Apart from this, if the telecom companies incorrectly reject the port number request, then they will be penalized up to Rs 10,000.

TRAI said that the time limit for intra-licensed service numbers has been fixed to speed up completion of the connection related to porting. Time limit for one circular port request from one circle has been reduced to 4 days. Earlier, its time limit was 15 days ago.

Apart from that, the validity of the Unique Porting Code (UPSC) has also been changed. 4 days have been fixed instead of the previous 15 days. However, the validity of the Unique Porting Code (UPSC) for Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North-East has not been changed, it will be 15 days as before. The process of withdrawing the port request via text message (SMS) has been made simpler and faster. In the case of corporator porting, the time limit for the existing 50 numbers of single orthorization letter has been increased to 100.

Now watching TV will cost less! Learn all the new prices of channels, keep planning while keeping the focus of these things

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) declares new rules for cable and DTH operators, it will be affordable to watch TV now. Until now, the cable and DTH operators were unnecessarily robbing unnecessary channels in your channel package, as if you were planning 300 rupees per month, there would be 50-60% of the channels that you do not even see and do not even understand ( Channel with other regional languages). Thus, you have collected overwhelming 50-60% channel prices, which you do not even see.

According to the new rules, what is the date of package selection?

● By 31 January the package will have to be selected

● Almost all the cable and DTH operators will now announce their plans

● You can select a plan through operators' website or customer care

Some things to keep in mind when planning a plan

● Select the same plan / channel that you like

● Cable and DTH operators will confuse you to sell their plans but you will be steadfast in your choice rather than buying unnecessary channels so that there is no unnecessary expenditure

● If you see only 20-25 favorite channels, pay only the price of the same favorite channels, rather than taking the package (this price will be cheaper than the package, if the price of most channels decreases)

How can you see TV in free?

● If you have broadband in your home / office and are smart / Android TV then you can watch all the channels through the internet free

● Even if the TV does not have a smart TV, then buy a Android box from the market can make a smart TV (Android box Mi, a company like AMAZON also gets)

● If you have a Geo Phone and TV is too old you can watch TV in Geo TV app by connecting to the TV by taking Geo Media cable.

How much did the channels cut their prices?

● Times Network has reduced the price of 10 of its channels to 40%

● Zee Network has also reduced prices of some of its channels to 10 paisa / month

● TV18, Viacom and ATIn are also priced at 23 channels

● The Sony Network has also reduced their prices to Rs 31 / month, with all the channels in the Sony Network coming up