Tuesday, 17 July 2018

How To Find Vehicle Owner Detail

When you are buying used vehicle, app will help you to find our current owner of the vehicle and how old the vehicle is. This app will provide vehicle registration details like owner name, fuel type, registration date, and much more like chassis number and engine number.
Verify your vehicle registration details. If owner details are not accurate then change it immediately with vahan RTO india.
This application will help a traveller or passenger in many ways and even in the case of police investigation of an accident or vehicle-related crime, witnesses usually remember the initial area code letters it is then quite simple to narrow down suspect vehicles to a much smaller number by checking the app without having to know the full number.
rto registration number verification is also required during the sale of a vehicle and transfer of its ownership.
Also this application usefull as Vehicle info tracker to find your own city, state vehicle registration details in a picnic or a tour spot.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Which Concrete Plans Come In Panchayat Know Your Mobile

When the plans in the village have come, there is no way to know. (Center Scheme for villages) What is happening in the village or what is happening Most villagers do not get the information. Some people also go to the panchayat or the block office, but at some time some officer can give some information. The benefits of many schemes are limited only to the people who are heading the head-sarpanch. In order to deliver these problems to the needy and the needy, the BJP Government has taken a great way to get information about every scheme of your village on mobile.

Gram Panchayat Yojana

The news for the villagers is to give a smile. Now the office will get rid of the dizziness. Yes, now you will not have to move around the office to get information about any plans related to rural and village. All you have to do is download an app in your mobile and register it. We will give this complete information. Through this, you will be able to keep your panchayat’s search on your mobile.
The Central Government has launched an application called Village Communication to reach out to the villagers about their plans. Through the app, the villagers will be able to get full information of all schemes run by the government for the villages. For this, villagers have to download the Village Communication app from the Google Play Store.

– Download an application called Village Communication for free from the Google Play Store. After opening the app, you will see a notification on the Google Map on the screenboard. You may or may not want to turn it on. But it will be right to turn on for better information. After this you will get three language options. Choose a language of your choice from here. – Now you have to enter the mobile number. Give your current number – after this you will have to fill your name and other information. Fill the state, district, block and panchayat. Submit or click OK – Now you will ask for the OTP which will come on your mobile number. – Use it after giving OTP. – Now you will have a choice of many types of rural schemes. You will be able to pick and choose information accordingly. If there is a problem then the right-hand side of the app will see a three-line option. Click there and help.

Not even the same SIM details being asked on your phone? Be alert that SIM Swap Fraud is not happening

Not even the same SIM details being asked on your phone? Be alert that SIM Swap Fraud is not happening!
Gadget desk Often cases of fax call calls are made by people seeking their bank details from the accounts, but now the culprits have started doing the same thing through ‘SIM swap’. According to media reports, police in many places including Kolkata, Delhi and Bengaluru have registered SIM Swap Fraud cases. In fact, the first people are called in this fraud and they are cloned by demanding SIM details. After the sim clon is ready, the culprits generate all the OTP from the bank and withdraw money from the account.

What happens to SIM swap?
SIM swaps, in fact, have to register a new SIM of the same number. If this happens then that person’s number is blocked and the SIM of the same number comes to the criminals. Actually the SIM card keeps the user’s data and it is used for authentication. This is why no SIM card can be connected to any other network.

– The criminals through sim swap make a duplicate SIM card that is a clone of the SIM card of the same number and start it in its own name. Because the SIM number is the same, all the OTPs of the user’s bank account come on it, and the culprits withdraw money from the account with the help of this OTP.

Friday, 13 July 2018

If you are running a car or a bike then read the new command of IRDAI

Irda said that vehicles without valid pollution under control certificates (PUC) can not be insured. By announcing a notification, all the insurers have refused to insure vehicles that do not have a valid PUC. Vehicle insurance is renewed every year. In this context, after the Supreme Court order, Irda took this step.

Last year, the Supreme Court in one case refused to insure the insurers of vehicles that did not have a valid PUC. Every vehicle must have a Vaidya PUC. If this is not the case then the action can be taken against the owner under motor law. The Ministry of Road Transportation has ordered all the insurance companies to distribute the details of each vehicle's deteriorate which has been insured.

Your Name’s Wallpaper Banaye.Download This App.

Your Name’s Wallpaper Banaye.Download This App.

AppStep-2 Please write the name of the person you want to make a wallpaper
And that name will be created as a live 3D wallpaper
Apne Naam or Photo Vala Live Wallpaper Banaye
Download ThiS Apes and
Open the App-1 App
Step-2 Click Start Button
Step-3 Click on Play Button
Step-4 Click Start Writing Process
Step-5 Enter the name of the person you want to make a wallpaper
Step-6 Click on whatever font you like
Step-7 Select your photo from your gallery and create a wallpaper with your photo

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